I have had a few people lately ask me how I always keep my pieces and atomizers so clean. The answer is in a cheap Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner you can pick up on Amazon for about 20 bucks.

So, we just gather up all of our dirty gear... bowls, atomizers, coils, wax pens, whatever. Fill the ultrasonic cleaner about half way with hot water, and get some 91% isopropyl alcohol and a small sealable bag.

Just to prove that this is not some trick photography, you can see that our Divine Crossing 3.0 Atomizer is well seasoned.

Take your pieces apart as much as you can, put them in a small bag and fill it with the isopropyl. We don't want all that residue ending up in our brand new cleaner. 

This particular unit only has on and off, and it runs for 3 minutes at a time, it is also pretty small. You can get fancy ones that heat up the water and have timers, so if you are going to be doing a lot of pieces or larger stuff like downstems, get a bigger unit.

I usually run the ultrasonic cleaner for about 3 cycles or 9 minutes with a dirty bowl or atomizer parts.

After 9 minutes in the cleaner, the parts come out looking brand new. If you are using ceramic coils or donuts, you can dry fire them at low power to burn off any black discoloration remaining.

Let all of your parts dry out on a paper towel before you put them back together. You might want to dry fire your pen to make sure there are no alcohol fumes remaining.

And that is how you keep your pieces clean.

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